Eli Hetko – Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
Alex Kramer – Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
Erin Lobb – Bass, Vocals

The 5 Mile String Band is a fiery old time band in New York City! They play farmer’s markets, dances, birthdays, potlucks and more. A rockin’ old-time string band with an infectious sound and irresistible energy. Git ready to swing yer partner!

Founded in September 2012, the 5 Mile String Band spontaneously emerged fully rehearsed from the belly of Lowlands, Temple of Old Time Music in New York City. It all started when Alex Kramer returned to New York after a 7 year absence and became reaquainted with Eli Hetko. The pair realized that they knew all the same songs and proceeded to serenade the city for 10 straight hours. Noticing a gap on the low end of the band’s frequency, they drafted Erin Lobb, all-star bass fiddler and former Black River Belle into the group. The trio’s voices now blend in sweet harmony, regaling the urban landscape with fiery fiddle tunes and heartfelt ballads. Percussionist and natural bass singer David B. Greenberg is an occasional fourth member.

Contact us at fivemilestringband@gmail.com.